Closed $114.1 Billion of Transactions in Conventional Power Generation,

Utility-Scale Renewable Energy & Infrastructure Space




Recent Experience:

  • Closed the first and largest green hydrogen production and storage facility in the world (precursor to the first hydrogen hub in US) as financial advisor to DOE. Financing for this project included:
  • $504.4 million loan guarantee from DOE
  • World-class institutional investors including General Insurance Corporation of Singapore, Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan, Alberta Investment Management Corporation, and John Hancock Life.
  • Closed $22.8 billion as Credit Officers at DOE, responsible for the structuring of loan guarantees, including the following projects across infrastructure sectors:
    • Solar generation ($11.26 billion)
    • Nuclear (8.319 billion)
    • Wind (1.405 billion)
    • Solar manufacturing (748 million)
    • Geothermal ($456 million)
    • Power transmission (360 million)
    • Biomass ($237 million)
    • Advanced vehicle manufacturing (50 million)
  • Experience includes $23.6 billion in managing the credit underwriting process for renewable energy projects with the Loan Programs Office at the US Department of Energy.
  • $15.3 billion for renewable energy (biomass, geothermal, solar, and wind)
  • $8.3 billion for nuclear energy.
  • Financial advisor and placement agent for $1.4 billion project financing of merchant power portfolio.
  • Financial advisor and bond underwriter or underwriter’s counsel for project financings of $1.4 billion debt for a merchant power portfolio and $89 million debt for a waste-to-energy project in Massachusetts.
  • Deep experience with privatization, dating back to the 1980s, when PURPA and PUHCA regulations first were introduced to privatize power.
  • Experience with sophisticated financial engineering techniques, investment tax credits, and complex limited partnership structures.
  • The team’s experience has been in a number of roles that include sponsor, investor, underwriter, advisor, and asset manager.


  • Top financial institutions, industrial companies, and Government agencies
  • Including: UBS, Booz Allen, Entergy, US Department of State, ABB, GE Capital, Enervest, NewWorld Capital, Philip Morris, First Energy, and TXU.

Extensive Training Programs:

Conducted multiple training programs with clients such as: ABB, GE Capital, DOE, a private equity firm, developers of renewable energy projects, and commercial lenders.

Key Strengths Include:

  • On the Standing List of Financial Advisors for the US Department of Energy (“DOE”)
  • Exceptionally deep experience in renewable energy.
  • Work with Fortune 500 companies, leading financial institutions, and US Government agencies.
  • Registered on, a US Government procurement website.
  • Registered as a small minority-owned business.