Global Project Finance Advisory Council (“GPFAC”) is a leading-edge provider of Project Finance Advisory, Modeling, and Training Services worldwide.

Our Services in Detail
  • Demonstrated Experience, Successfully Closing $190 billion in Transactions

  • Special Expertise in Power (Conventional & Renewable Energy) and Transportation.

  • Implemented Pioneering Private Public Partnership Transactions.

  • Unique, Significantly Simplified Approach to Modeling Complex Project Finance Projects

  • Proprietary Project Screening Process

  • Leveraged Unique Financing Structures to Meet Client Needs

  • Comprehensive training programs

  • Approved Advisor to US Department of Energy, US Export-Import Bank, SERV (Swiss ECA)

GPFAC Team has Closed $189.7 Billion in Transactions World-wide

Our Services

Project Finance Advisory

Our team members have supported clients in a variety of roles that include sponsor, investor, underwriter, advisor, and asset manager.

To ensure a successful project closing we focus on:

  • Leveraging our proprietary project screening process to identify potential issues early and identifying solutions more quickly.
  • Mitigating risks, especially construction risk which is usually the major risk on a project.
  • Four main commercial contracts using our proprietary framework for commercial negotiations.
  • Deploying innovative financial structures where needed.
  • Ensuring that the extensive documentation required is completed efficiently and accurately.
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Project Finance Modeling

Our unique, significantly simplified project finance model accelerates the process and reduces your costs. This has been refined over the years and overcomes many of the frustrations with other approaches to modeling.

  • We customize project-specific worksheets around a fixed chassis of standard financial statements to simplify the financial model.
  • We have developed built-in tests that are part of the chassis to ensure accuracy.
  • We follow strict modeling disciplines such as creating an ‘Assumptions Book’ so that all assumptions are in one place and fully documented. We have clear rules that result in fewer mistakes and make auditing easier.
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Project Finance Training

GPFAC offers comprehensive training programs that cover the three pillars of training: classroom instruction, mentoring, and experience-based learning through job rotation.

A broad range of training modules are available, and you can click on videos describing these. We cover three main areas:

  • Project & Structured Finance
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Financial Modeling

We have extensive worldwide experience in training and these programs were developed specifically to address the training needs of leading companies such as:

  • Industrial companies like ABB and GE Capital.
  • Sponsors/developers like a US private equity firm, and Nesma in Saudi Arabia.
  • Financial institutions such as Credit Suisse, EBRD, and the National Commercial Bank.
  • A comprehensive program for the US Department of Energy, specifically for LPO.
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Our Teaming Partners

We have three Teaming Partners that expand our capabilities and experience. EIC Partners adds project development expertise; Frost & Sullivan is a leading market research and advisory firm; and Apex Rail expands our capabilities in transportation and in Europe.

Our Clients

We are proud to serve major governments, government departments, Fortune 500 industrial companies, and leading financial institutions around the world. In addition, we have deep experience in renewable energy.

Our Team


Years of experience in energy and other infrastructure investments worldwide over the last 3 decades


BUSD in closing experience for project finance deals in diverse roles as advisor, lender and project sponsor (experience includes $49 BUSD in renewable energy alone)
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Professionals in 5 continents with an extensive local and international network

W. Europe
W. Africa
Hong Kong/China

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