Closed $19.7 Billion of Transactions

Projects in India, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Privatization Projects in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea


Extensive India Experience:

  • Responsible, from concept to commissioning, for the first private airport in in India at Hyderabad, with a capacity of 12 million passengers. USD 500 million funding which includes debt and soft loans of USD 400 million. Role of project sponsor.
  • Closed the first IPP in Andhra Pradesh, India (235 MW mixed fuel-fired, combined cycle); role included sponsor, financial advisor, investor, and debt provider.
  • Closed the first coal-fired IPP in Tamil Nadu, India (250 MW lignite-fired); role included project sponsor, financial advisor, and debt underwriter. Post-closing developed and financed a merry-go-round lignite transport system as a concession.
  • A GPFAC principal established and managed a financial services company for ABB in India with three divisions: Equity Ventures (developing and investing in projects), Structured Finance (debt underwriting), and Financial Advisory Services; was on ABB India’s Country Management Committee that oversaw 5,000 employees with $5 billion in sales.
  • As sponsor and general manager, took over an old coal-fired project in Orissa, India (420 MW) and refurbished the plant for high plant load factors.
  • A GPFAC professional has worked with the National Thermal Power Corporation (a large generation utility in India with generation capacity of 53,600 MW).
  • Raised the Pragnya Equity Fund II (USD 140 Million) from high-net-worth individuals in the US and Europe, also mobilized USD 110 Million for the Pragnya South City Opportunities Fund in the role of sponsor.
  • In the role of sponsor, raised a total of USD 165 million from Indian banks for integrated township projects.

Asian Experience:

  • Advised EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) contractor in financing the Three Gorges hydroelectric project phases I and II (at the time, largest IPP in the world) as well as the Phase I HVDC (Hight Voltage Direct Current) transmission line.
  • Recently advised a prominent Chinese utility group on identifying and selecting European investors for its domestic fund in the clean energy sector.
  • Closed the 2nd IPP in China and the biggest hydro project in the world with the most competitive prevailing pricing.
  • Senior lender to 360 MW gas-fired combined cycle IPP in Meghnaghat, Bangladesh (co-financed with Asian Development Bank).
  • Financial advisor to a Nepalese bank to be the professional Fund Manager (along instituting systems, processes, and structures) for a $60 million USD fund of World Bank Power Development for project financing of small to medium sized hydro power projects in Nepal.
  • Closed several pioneering privatization deals in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, and South Korea.

Strengths in Asia Include:

  • Solid track record of projects, especially India.
  • Deep experience of Principals.
  • Numerous Public Private Partnerships.
  • Solid relationships with governments, government-level institutions, state-owned enterprises and banks, especially in India.