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GPFAC is a leading-edge provider of advisory and consulting services in project finance, financial modeling, and training for power, renewable energy, oil & gas, and infrastructure projects worldwide.

EIC and GPFAC partner together on defined mandates to offer a full-team offering. GPFAC has highly experienced principals based in the US, Switzerland, Africa, India, and Hong Kong (China) who are in a position to support customers worldwide.

  • The client has access to our full network and benefits from a well-established team, including our valued network partners, that has long-term experience and cooperation.
  • We structure and advise on projects with our customer’s perspective. This ensures sound budgeting, and thorough risk and mitigants assessment, and that the return is commensurate with the risks taken.
  • Our team is able to provide a unique solution to solve client-specific issues within a short period of time. As fits your needs best, we can provide our resources for a defined, limited time period in order to complete a specific task. This delivers an economic solution for tasks without increasing the overhead costs.
  • The interdisciplinary skill-set of our team allows the client to get in-house commercial, financial and technical development expertise.


Alok Mathur established Development Capital & Financing, LLC (“DC&F”) in 2005 in the State of Connecticut (USA), following a 30-year career with Asea Brown Boveri.  The Global Project Finance Advisory Council (“GPFAC”) was then established by Mr. Mathur in 2017. He has filed a trademark enabling DC&F to do business as GPFAC.

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